Replace Your Uniforms With Washable Suits

If you operate an upscale business and want your employees to look clean and sharp, it can be difficult with dry clean-only suits and uniforms. These types of common suits are expensive and time consuming to take care of, and while they look great when your employees are wearing them, they may start to look a bit worse for the wear if they aren’t able to clean them as frequently as they should.

So, what’s the solution? Here at Sharper Uniforms, we think that washable suits are the answer to your uniform woes! These stylish suits are just as attractive as other types of uniform suits, but with one big difference: You can wash them right in the washing machine.

Here are just a few reasons why we think washable suits are so great.ladies-extreme-washable-hotel-single-breasted-suit-coat-53

  • They’re lightweight. Because these uniforms are made of polyester, they’re both lightweight and breathable for a comfortable fit that’s easy to move in.
  • They’re stretchy. If your employees need a full range of motion to do their jobs properly, the twill weave in these suits offers a natural stretch that they’re sure to love.
  • They have a classic fit. The impeccable tailoring on these machine washable suits ensures that you won’t sacrifice style when switching from the traditional suit uniform. From the tailored jacket that rests just at the hip to the princess seams and darts that create shape, your employees are sure to look and feel their very best.
  • They’re fully lined. Unlike many budget suits, our machine washable suit uniforms are fully lined for a comfortable and luxurious fit.
  • They’re machine washable. Perhaps most importantly, these suits are machine washable! Rather than taking them to the dry cleaner each time they need washing, your employees can simply toss them in the washing machine and wash on a cold, gentle setting.
  • They’re quick drying. Not only are these suits able to be washed in the machine, they also dry quite quickly. The inner mesh at the shoulders, collar and elbows makes the lining dry quickly, so these suits can be worn again almost immediately.

It’s All About Vests!

Looking for a way to make your existing uniforms look sharper without replacing the entire uniform? Vests are where it’s at! Layering a vest under a server’s jacket or over a crisp, button-down shirt creates a clean and smart look that your customers are sure to notice. Here’s everything you need to know about incorporating vests into your business’s uniforms.

  • Add a classic black vest. One simple way to try out the vest look is by adding a simple, button-down vest in a basic black color. Sharper Uniforms carries many of these types of vests with V-necks and high-quality poly-wool blended fabrics that look great and won’t hold your employees
  • Try out a fun, bright color. If you want to add a pop of color to your servers’ uniforms, try adding a vest in an eye-catching shade over top of their white shirts. Sharper Uniforms carries vests in bold red, gold or navy blue, as well as a number of other sharp colors. You can even match your employees’ vests to the table linens and other details!
  • Add a textured print or pattern. Rather than adding a bold color to your uniforms, you might try adding a texture or pattern instead. A vest with a woven jacquard or swirl brocade is a nice touch, as are vests with subtle diamonds and dots that you won’t notice unless you look up close.

Incorporate a backless vest. If you want to have your employees wear vests under jackets or with matching bow ties, try out a backless vest rather than a full-bodied vest. These styles feature adjustable hook and loop fastener neck closures and adjustable elastic back straps and buckles for a comfortable fit, and because they’re less obtrusive than other styles, they’ll make it easier for servers to move around while working.

Summer is Here: Time for Polo Shirts!

When you’re looking for ways to allow your staff to look more professional, the Ladies & Men’s polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms are the answer. These garments convey high-end branding while offering a professional and comfortable look. Sleek and sophisticated, these shirts come in a variety of styles and sizes to accommodate anyone on your staff.


In terms of ladies’ polo shirts, Sharper Uniforms has a large selection. To keep staff cool and most importantly, comfortable, the Ladies Extreme Performance Moisture Management Polo Shirt is a great option. This polo features a heat seal label, raglan sleeves, hemmed sleeves and side slits. It pairs perfectly with slacks, capris, skirts, shorts or khakis. For servers, the Ladies Server Three Snap Button Polo Shirt works well. This button-free polo shirt is snag-resistant and moisture-wicking, perfect for a long day of hard work. It features three stainless steel gripper snaps, a flat knit collar, open hem sleeves and side vents. Sharper Uniforms offers an endless option of ladies’ polo shirts to accommodate your needs.

In terms of men’s polo shirts for your staff, the Men’s Textured Athletic Mesh Polo Shirt is the perfect choice for hospitality staff. This garment features a three-button front placket with UV protection and a variety of sizes, up to a 5XL. Perfect for hotels, conventions, catering or resorts, this shirt has rib-knit cuffs, side slits and a flat-knit collar. For waitstaff, the Men’s Waitstaff Teflon Protected Poly Cotton Polo Shirt is an excellent choice for bartenders, waiters or other food service employees. With a medium-width collar and 3 buttons, the shirt is made of a 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend. A DuPont™ Teflon® Fabric Protector helps to resist spills and stains with ease. Machine washable, this polo shirt offers a generous cut, making it comfortable for long hours.

Whether men’s or ladies’ polo shirts or any other apparel, Sharper Uniforms offers high-quality customization services. Whether embroidery, heat seal services or screen printing, we can add anything you desire to your custom apparel order.

Ladies Extreme Performance Moisture Management Polo Shirt:

  • Moisture Wicking
  • Raglan Sleeves
  • Hemmed Sleeves
  • Side Slits
  • Fabric: Made from 100 percent polyester

Ladies Server Three Snap Button Polo Shirt:

  • Tag-free label
  • Flat knit collar
  • Set-in, open hem sleeves
  • Side vents
  • Fabric: 100 percent Polyester Tricot

Men’s Textured Athletic Mesh Polo Shirt:

  • Flat-knit collar
  • Moisture Wicking
  • UV Protection
  • Side Slits
  • Fabric: 100 percent Polyester Ottoman

Men’s Textured Athletic Mesh Polo Shirt

  • Stain Resistant
  • Wrinkle Resistant
  • Treated with DuPont™ Teflon® Fabric Protector
  • UV Protection
  • Rib-knit collar and cuffs
  • Fabric: 65/35 Poly/Cotton Blend

Pro-Start Competition for High Schools: Sharper Uniforms donated embroidered chef coats for this local culinary competition!

High School Culinary CompetitionHigh School Culinary Competition 2

Specializing in custom uniforms, Shaper Uniforms is a leader in premium decoration services and uniforms. With high-quality embroidery, screen printing and heat seal services, their uniforms can be customized with any details. Offering a wide variety of styles and sizes, Sharper Uniforms provides moisture wicking, wrinkle-resistant, UV-protected uniform options. They used their custom expertise in order to provide embroidered chef coats for one of America’s largest high school culinary competitions, Pro-Start. This competition focuses on restaurant management and culinary arts.

The Pro-Start competition, along with Massachusetts Restaurant Association Educational Foundation (MRAEF), helps students receive leadership and scholarship opportunities. Each year, MRAEF sponsors this management and culinary competition for schools to compete. Judges who are industry professionals volunteer to make the competition more educational and meaningful for the participants.

During this competition, participants are given a fake location, which the competition will be based on. Their teams must develop a proposal to launch a new restaurant concept. They must define this concept, create a menu that fits it and develop a marketing plan to support its launch. They must prepare a written proposal, presentation and visual display for their launch. For the culinary competition, students must show their knife skills and poultry fabrication. They have 60 minutes to create an appetizer, entrée and dessert, and provide recipes, recipe cost and menu pricing.

A variety of college and universities nationwide are on-hand to offer scholarships to the top teams from this competition. The winning teams are given the opportunity to compete nationally at the National ProStart Student Invitational to win even more scholarship money. With the help of sponsors such as Sharper Uniforms, participants can participate in a real-life culinary experience.

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms White Glove Logo Decoration Services


Have you always wanted to get your employees’ shirts customized with your company’s logo? Or are you a new company just starting out and hoping to look professional from the get-go? Wherever your company is in its lifespan, it’s never too early (or too late!) to add a sleek, professional look to your uniforms with custom embroidery and logo services. Here at Sharper Uniforms, we offer White Glove Logo Decoration Services that help you to add your company’s logo to any shirt, jacket, apron or other piece of a uniform. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should invest in White Glove Logo Decoration Services.

  • Our White Glove Logo Decoration Services include embroidery, screen printing and heat seal transfers, so you can create exactly the type of logo style that you prefer.
  • If you already have a set of uniforms that you really like and don’t want to spend money on entirely new uniforms, that’s okay! At Sharper Uniforms, we can rebrand your existing uniforms to include your company’s logo.
  • If you’re a new company (or you’d simply like to upgrade your employees’ uniforms), we also offer a very extensive selection of all types of uniforms to choose from. We can add your logo to anything from restaurant shirts for waiters to aprons for your chefs, as well as the uniforms for all of your other front-of-house and back-of-house staff members.
  • Sharper Uniforms can help you cut down on costs and save money on custom logo creation in a variety of ways. If you already own your own uniforms, we’ll be happy to embroider or screen print your logo on those garments. If you’re making an investment into an entirely new set of uniforms, we can work with you to create a design that works for your budget and give you a quote before you even place your order.
  • We make things fun for your employees and help to foster a sense of community in the workplace. When you give them hats, shirts and other garments with your company’s logo on them, your employees will feel like part of the team.


Ladies Love Open Neck ¾ Sleeve Blouses for Summer


This summer, as the temperature heats up but your employees continue to work just as hard, they’ll need a change in uniform to keep up with the changing temperatures. You want your female employees to look just as smart and professional as they do in their long-sleeve button-down shirts and other cold-weather attire, so what’s the solution? Well, here at Sharper Uniforms we find that ladies love open neck three-quarter (3/4) sleeve blouses! Here’s why.

They’re cooler than other shirts.

Because these modern tops feature sleeves that hit just below the elbow rather than at the wrist, they’ll allow air to circulate and keep her forearms bare. They also feature open necks with button-down or crossover fronts that are a bit less constrictive than the usual button-down, collared blouse, but look just as professional. If you’re worried about your employees getting overheated while working outdoors or in a hot restaurant during hotter months, these are a great alternative.

They’re stylish.  

While our ¾ sleeve shirts look professional as part of a uniform, ladies also love them because they’re stylish and modern. These shirts have much of the same style as shirts that women wear in their own wardrobes, which makes them feel more confident and comfortable at work.

They come in a number of colors and styles.

If you’re looking to mix things up at your business for the changing seasons but don’t want to change the signature look of your uniforms, you’ll be happy to know that these ¾ sleeve shirts from Sharper Uniforms are completely customizable in your choice of colors, materials and styles. At Sharper Uniforms, we’ve committed to helping you find the best uniforms for your employees that also fit your needs as a business. Whether you prefer something in a crisp, sharp white, a bold red or a summer-inspired shade of teal, or have a set style in mind that you don’t want to give up, you’re sure to find the perfect solution in our selection of ¾ sleeve shirts for women.

Time for Summer Parties, what better way than with Camp Shirts?

hawaiian shirt

Summer calls for fun. And nothing means fun quite like a bright Hawaiian shirt.

As summer approaches, people think about getaways, vacations and new experiences. They want to explore. They want adventure. They want to seek out wonderful surprises, hidden secrets and to create heartwarming memories. Your restaurant can be part of their journey.

Your waitstaff can share in that summer fun with our Tropical Hibiscus Camp Shirts.

Available in a variety of colors, these vivid Hawaiian shirts bring out lively personalities and brilliant smiles. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when employees are surrounded by such cheery patterns.

Each pattern features the hibiscus flower, the state flower of Hawaii. The unique shapes of its petals and stamen are instantly recognized symbols of tropical treasures. Cultures around the world cherish the flower’s beauty, making it the perfect symbol for the new experiences your customers will share at your tables.

These fun Hawaiian shirts are also filled with function, to help employees get work done:

  • The color combinations are perfectly toned to make logo embroidery stand out for a professional look.
  • Each shirt has a full cut chest pocket on the left, and side vents at the hem, so if the summer brings too much heat, your staff will still feel a cool breeze.
  • Each shirt is cut in a unisex, camp style with a notched collar — just like a classic Hawaiian shirt, saving you the stress of ordering shirts across genders as well as sizes.
  • The plackets feature natural buttons, and each shirt is stitched with a straight back yoke seam and two shoulder pleats, giving each shirt a professional finish over a standard Hawaiian
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester, 3.5/3/75 oz.

For more than 16 years, Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has offered the highest-quality wardrobe for restaurant and service employees. We know how important it is for uniforms to be comfortable, functional and durable — even when that uniform is a simple Hawaiian shirt.

No matter where your restaurant is, these shirts will help turn your restaurant into a tropical paradise filled with summer fun, and help you make the most out of your customers’ adventures.

New Spring products from Down Under!

pinstripe blouse

Restaurant-owners know how to spot trends in taste.

Successful restauranteurs are experts at sifting through fluff-filled flavor forecasts to find the most intriguing ingredients and creative combinations. The menus are never permanent — always evolving, they represent a mix of classic staples with exciting infusions, perfectly curated by an expert chef.

If food is so influenced by the latest trends, clothing is doubly so. Styles constantly evolve, especially in women’s fashion, where new looks and designs show up in stores almost monthly.

Front of house workers put their energy into helping customers enjoy a fantastic meal. They know that their style is an important part of how they interact with customers. Like the chef knows how to best present a new entree, workers know what styles work best for their body types and activity levels.

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has more than 16 years of experience helping hospitality workers look their best. As an active participant in the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and an affiliate member of the Club Manager’s Association of America, we know how important it is for uniforms to look like anything but uniforms.

We work hard to offer premium, high-quality clothing for the hospitality industry. That’s why we’re excited to offer these spring fashions from Down Under. Australian fashion is creating a worldwide buzz with its use of unique cuts, fine linens and breezy fits. These looks will thrill your workers and fit naturally with a wide variety of dining experiences.

Our new line from Australia offers fresh, new looks that mix professionality with style. Made with high-quality fabrics in a mix of colors, these options let employees express themselves and put their best image forward. This line includes a number of options:

  • A 3/4-sleeve pinstripe, buttoned blouse.
  • A satin tie nightclub blouse with capped sleeves.
  • A gathered top perfect for cocktail servers.
  • A men’s pinstripe tailored for waitstaff.
  • A yarn-dyed stretch blouse with a ruffle pleat.
  • A 3/4-sleeve satin blouse for hostesses.

We know that every employee in a restaurant is invested in its success. Our new line of styles fresh from Australia will give employees attractive, professional looks that help them be their best selves and help your restaurant reach new heights of style and professionalism.

What’s Cookin’? It’s Time to Refresh Your Kitchen Uniforms, Chef Jackets, Pants, Hats and Aprons!


With all the oil, grease and dirty dishes that a restaurant kitchen sees every day, it’s no wonder that staff uniforms can start to look drab quickly. If you’re ready to give your kitchen employees a fresh, clean look that will last, check out the great selection of chef jackets, pants, hats and aprons at Sharper Uniforms. We have the stylish uniforms you’ve been searching for to outfit both your back and front of house staff.

Back of House Uniforms

Let’s start with the kitchen staff. These employees work so hard to dish up delicious eats for your customers, so it’s only fitting that they have a uniform that allows them to do the job comfortable. Sharper Uniforms offers a great selection of chef’s hats, aprons, pants and jackets that protect them from kitchen messes while still providing a polished and professional look. The materials are made to clean up easily and have a lightweight feel, which is a must-have in a hot, busy kitchen.

Front of House Uniforms

What about your front of house staff members who spend time both in and out of the kitchen? Wait staff aprons, blouses, button-down shirts and more are all available at Sharper Uniforms. Like the kitchen staff uniforms, these pieces are made to be easy to wash at home and lightweight enough that servers don’t feel too hot when buzzing about the restaurant.

Cool Customizations

Creating a recognizable and stylish brand is essential for any restaurant. You can create a more cohesive and professional look in your establishment by customizing your waitstaff and kitchen uniforms with your restaurant name or logo. Choose from screen-printing, embroidery or heat seal transfers to create customized uniforms for restaurant staff members.

If you’re ready to revamp the look your staff members are wearing, be sure to check out this great selection of server and kitchen uniforms from Sharper Uniforms. Our staff clothing is made to hold up well for years to come.

Polomania: Summer is Coming Soon, So Break Out the Polo Shirts!


Summer means sunny days, warm weather and, for many businesses, an influx of customers. With all that activity going on, your employees might work up a sweat in their traditional uniforms. For something a little lighter and more comfortable for the summer weather, outfit your staff in stylish polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms.

A Sleek Summer Look

While you might prefer a long-sleeved shirt or button-down shirt for the rest of the year, those uniform choices can look a bit stuffy comes summer. A polo shirt keeps your employees looking style-appropriate for the season while also helping them stay comfortable. The short sleeves and lightweight fabrics ensure that staff members can stay busy throughout their shift without working up a sweat.

Customizable Fashions

When you order uniform polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll get plenty of options for customizing the look. Consider adding your logo to the front or back with screen-printing or embroidery services. In addition, you’ll have a variety of colors from which to choose, and polos are available in 100 percent cotton, poly cotton blends and 100 percent polyester moisture-management fabric.

Look Great in Any Job

One of the best things about uniform polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms is that they can be worn in such a wide variety of industries and careers. From food service to hospitality, recreation to relaxation, there’s no limit to the different types of jobs where employees will look sharp and feel comfortable in a polo despite the summer heat.

Browse the selection of men’s and ladies’ polo shirts available at Sharper Uniforms to find a perfect fit for your staff this summer. Free shipping is available on qualifying orders.