Time for Summer Parties, what better way than with Camp Shirts?

hawaiian shirt

Summer calls for fun. And nothing means fun quite like a bright Hawaiian shirt.

As summer approaches, people think about getaways, vacations and new experiences. They want to explore. They want adventure. They want to seek out wonderful surprises, hidden secrets and to create heartwarming memories. Your restaurant can be part of their journey.

Your waitstaff can share in that summer fun with our Tropical Hibiscus Camp Shirts.

Available in a variety of colors, these vivid Hawaiian shirts bring out lively personalities and brilliant smiles. It’s hard to be in a bad mood when employees are surrounded by such cheery patterns.

Each pattern features the hibiscus flower, the state flower of Hawaii. The unique shapes of its petals and stamen are instantly recognized symbols of tropical treasures. Cultures around the world cherish the flower’s beauty, making it the perfect symbol for the new experiences your customers will share at your tables.

These fun Hawaiian shirts are also filled with function, to help employees get work done:

  • The color combinations are perfectly toned to make logo embroidery stand out for a professional look.
  • Each shirt has a full cut chest pocket on the left, and side vents at the hem, so if the summer brings too much heat, your staff will still feel a cool breeze.
  • Each shirt is cut in a unisex, camp style with a notched collar — just like a classic Hawaiian shirt, saving you the stress of ordering shirts across genders as well as sizes.
  • The plackets feature natural buttons, and each shirt is stitched with a straight back yoke seam and two shoulder pleats, giving each shirt a professional finish over a standard Hawaiian
  • Fabric: 100% Polyester, 3.5/3/75 oz.

For more than 16 years, Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has offered the highest-quality wardrobe for restaurant and service employees. We know how important it is for uniforms to be comfortable, functional and durable — even when that uniform is a simple Hawaiian shirt.

No matter where your restaurant is, these shirts will help turn your restaurant into a tropical paradise filled with summer fun, and help you make the most out of your customers’ adventures.

New Spring products from Down Under!

pinstripe blouse

Restaurant-owners know how to spot trends in taste.

Successful restauranteurs are experts at sifting through fluff-filled flavor forecasts to find the most intriguing ingredients and creative combinations. The menus are never permanent — always evolving, they represent a mix of classic staples with exciting infusions, perfectly curated by an expert chef.

If food is so influenced by the latest trends, clothing is doubly so. Styles constantly evolve, especially in women’s fashion, where new looks and designs show up in stores almost monthly.

Front of house workers put their energy into helping customers enjoy a fantastic meal. They know that their style is an important part of how they interact with customers. Like the chef knows how to best present a new entree, workers know what styles work best for their body types and activity levels.

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms has more than 16 years of experience helping hospitality workers look their best. As an active participant in the Massachusetts Restaurant Association and an affiliate member of the Club Manager’s Association of America, we know how important it is for uniforms to look like anything but uniforms.

We work hard to offer premium, high-quality clothing for the hospitality industry. That’s why we’re excited to offer these spring fashions from Down Under. Australian fashion is creating a worldwide buzz with its use of unique cuts, fine linens and breezy fits. These looks will thrill your workers and fit naturally with a wide variety of dining experiences.

Our new line from Australia offers fresh, new looks that mix professionality with style. Made with high-quality fabrics in a mix of colors, these options let employees express themselves and put their best image forward. This line includes a number of options:

  • A 3/4-sleeve pinstripe, buttoned blouse.
  • A satin tie nightclub blouse with capped sleeves.
  • A gathered top perfect for cocktail servers.
  • A men’s pinstripe tailored for waitstaff.
  • A yarn-dyed stretch blouse with a ruffle pleat.
  • A 3/4-sleeve satin blouse for hostesses.

We know that every employee in a restaurant is invested in its success. Our new line of styles fresh from Australia will give employees attractive, professional looks that help them be their best selves and help your restaurant reach new heights of style and professionalism.

What’s Cookin’? It’s Time to Refresh Your Kitchen Uniforms, Chef Jackets, Pants, Hats and Aprons!


With all the oil, grease and dirty dishes that a restaurant kitchen sees every day, it’s no wonder that staff uniforms can start to look drab quickly. If you’re ready to give your kitchen employees a fresh, clean look that will last, check out the great selection of chef jackets, pants, hats and aprons at Sharper Uniforms. We have the stylish uniforms you’ve been searching for to outfit both your back and front of house staff.

Back of House Uniforms

Let’s start with the kitchen staff. These employees work so hard to dish up delicious eats for your customers, so it’s only fitting that they have a uniform that allows them to do the job comfortable. Sharper Uniforms offers a great selection of chef’s hats, aprons, pants and jackets that protect them from kitchen messes while still providing a polished and professional look. The materials are made to clean up easily and have a lightweight feel, which is a must-have in a hot, busy kitchen.

Front of House Uniforms

What about your front of house staff members who spend time both in and out of the kitchen? Wait staff aprons, blouses, button-down shirts and more are all available at Sharper Uniforms. Like the kitchen staff uniforms, these pieces are made to be easy to wash at home and lightweight enough that servers don’t feel too hot when buzzing about the restaurant.

Cool Customizations

Creating a recognizable and stylish brand is essential for any restaurant. You can create a more cohesive and professional look in your establishment by customizing your waitstaff and kitchen uniforms with your restaurant name or logo. Choose from screen-printing, embroidery or heat seal transfers to create customized uniforms for restaurant staff members.

If you’re ready to revamp the look your staff members are wearing, be sure to check out this great selection of server and kitchen uniforms from Sharper Uniforms. Our staff clothing is made to hold up well for years to come.

Polomania: Summer is Coming Soon, So Break Out the Polo Shirts!


Summer means sunny days, warm weather and, for many businesses, an influx of customers. With all that activity going on, your employees might work up a sweat in their traditional uniforms. For something a little lighter and more comfortable for the summer weather, outfit your staff in stylish polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms.

A Sleek Summer Look

While you might prefer a long-sleeved shirt or button-down shirt for the rest of the year, those uniform choices can look a bit stuffy comes summer. A polo shirt keeps your employees looking style-appropriate for the season while also helping them stay comfortable. The short sleeves and lightweight fabrics ensure that staff members can stay busy throughout their shift without working up a sweat.

Customizable Fashions

When you order uniform polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll get plenty of options for customizing the look. Consider adding your logo to the front or back with screen-printing or embroidery services. In addition, you’ll have a variety of colors from which to choose, and polos are available in 100 percent cotton, poly cotton blends and 100 percent polyester moisture-management fabric.

Look Great in Any Job

One of the best things about uniform polo shirts from Sharper Uniforms is that they can be worn in such a wide variety of industries and careers. From food service to hospitality, recreation to relaxation, there’s no limit to the different types of jobs where employees will look sharp and feel comfortable in a polo despite the summer heat.

Browse the selection of men’s and ladies’ polo shirts available at Sharper Uniforms to find a perfect fit for your staff this summer. Free shipping is available on qualifying orders.

Cocktail and Night Club Attire

Blog - 3.30.17Setting the right tone and atmosphere is the most important step in creating a successful bar or nightclub. An essential part of the atmosphere is the uniforms you choose for your cocktail waitresses. The ideal cocktail waitress uniform is attractive, feminine and functional. Your waitresses should look good and feel comfortable in order to provide the best service to your customers.

Upscale nightclubs demand a higher standard and the ladies’ blouses and cocktail blouses from Sharper Uniforms reflect this. Keep your waitresses looking polished and professional in long-sleeved blouses, T-shirts or sleeveless blouses. Each option is available in a wide range of beautiful colors and styles. Details and embellishments such as cap sleeves, ruched midsections, pleating and zippers make every cocktail blouse lovely and unique.

Types of Cocktail Blouses

  • Fitted button down blouses are a classic favorite and come in cotton or satin fabrics and long- and short-sleeved varieties. This classic style keeps your waitresses looking very professional and is great for higher-end establishments.
  • Stretch blouses and T-shirts with a variety of sleeve lengths work well with a more casual atmosphere, but don’t think that casual means low-quality. These lovely and durable ladies’ blouses will give your waitresses a beautiful silhouette while keeping them comfortable.
  • Sleeveless blouses allow your waitresses to show a little bit more skin and stay cool while maintaining a classy and well put together look. The sleeveless blouses available from Sharper Uniforms are ideal for nightclubs as they feature details that closely resemble nightclub attire.

No matter which type of ladies’ cocktail blouse you choose for your cocktail waitresses, the most important thing to remember is consistency. Keep your ladies dressed in similar colors and styles to make them easy for customers to pick out in a crowded club. Order your blouses from Sharper Uniforms to get stylish and flattering fits that make a great addition to your bar or nightclub’s atmosphere.

How to Best Wash and Care for Your Hospitality Garments

Blog - 3.15.17


Now that you’ve ordered your brand new uniform from Sharper Uniforms, you’ll want to know how to properly care for it. Giving your uniforms (and all of your clothing, for that matter) the proper care will not only keep them looking bright and fresh for every wear, it will give them a much longer life. So, take a moment to review the proper care of your new uniform to keep yourself looking clean and professional while extending the life of your new purchase.

As a general rule, follow the washing instructions included on the label sewn into the seam of the uniform. Reduce wear and tear from the washing machine by turning your garments inside out before washing them. Always use a cold water washing cycle and wash each garment with clothing of like colors to avoid color bleeding. Use bleach only on white garments and pretreat organic stains on colored garments with Oxy Clean.

The most important step in lengthening the life of your new uniform is always to remember to tumble dry your garments on low heat. High heat from the dryer damages and breaks down clothing, making it wear down and fade much faster. Promptly remove clothing from the dryer after the drying cycle and hang them to avoid unnecessary wrinkles. Most garments from Sharper Uniforms are made with easy care fabrics that don’t require ironing. In the event that you do need to iron your uniform, only use low heat and make sure to turn the garment inside out before ironing to avoid leaving marks and exposing it to unnecessary heat.

If you follow these simple steps to keep your new uniform clean, dry and fresh, you will have a garment that lasts a very long time. By taking a little extra care, you’ll eliminate the need to continuously buy new clothing to replace items that have been ruined by excessive heat and poor care.

Get the Front of the House Staff Ready with New Aprons!



Aprons are the unsung heroes of the restaurant world, especially for your front of the house staff. Not only does a good apron protect a server’s clothing from food stains, it also provides the perfect accommodations for a notepad, pen and other essentials. A good apron will do double duty by keeping your servers and other front of house staff organized while also making them easily identifiable to customers. Get your front of the house staff ready with new aprons from Averill’s Sharper Uniforms.SU blog - 2.28.17

Aprons come in many shapes and styles. For servers, waist and bistro aprons are the most popular choices. Waist aprons are a best-selling style and can be found in all types of restaurants. Commonly worn by servers, waist aprons can be purchased with any number of pockets, divisions, pen holders and other built-in organizational tools. The lightweight aprons tie around the waist and are considered some of the easiest to move in. For those that need a little more coverage, a bistro apron is a great choice. Like their shorter counterparts, bistro aprons tie at the waist, but extend well beyond the knee for added protection.

For those that have additional duties beyond serving, like drink preparation or plating, a bib style apron is the way to go. These types of aprons offer full-body protection from the neck to mid-leg and come in a variety of styles both with and without pockets. Bib aprons have a strap that goes around the neck and one that goes behind the back to keep the cover in place. While bib aprons are designed to protect the staff member, they also have a very traditional look that can still be identified as a server. They’re most often worn by front of house staff that work behind a counter.

When ordering new aprons for your front of house staff, consider each person’s role and what type of apron would be best for them. At Averill’s Sharper Uniforms we carry a wide selection of styles, colors and features to choose from, so you’ll always find the perfect aprons for your front of house staff. Browse our incredible selection today to find the looks you love or to discover something new.

Get the Kitchen Ready for Spring: Kitchen Uniforms



Spring is in the air and it’s time to freshen up your kitchen’s look with new spring uniforms for the entire staff. Spring kitchen uniforms typically feature lightweight materials, fresh colors and thoughtful details for the perfect blend of style and comfort. New uniforms will make your kitchen staff look more professional to patrons while giving them the boost they need to tackle a new season and maybe even a new menu. At Averill’s Sharper Uniforms, we carry everything restauranteurs need to properly outfit their kitchen staff including chef pants and coats, shirts, aprons, headgear and more.Cotton Chef Uniforms

It’s important that the kitchen uniforms you choose are as functional as they are stylish. The weather can be unpredictable in the spring and it’s not uncommon for kitchens to fluctuate in temperature from day to night. In order to keep your staff comfortable, choose uniforms that work in a wide range of temperatures. Lightweight materials like Egyptian cotton, cotton twill and poly cotton blends are great choices for uniforms. These fine materials breathe well, are lightweight and are versatile enough to wear throughout the spring. Keeping your staff comfortable is the best way to help them focus and deliver outstanding service throughout their shifts. All kitchen uniforms sold by Averill’s Sharper Uniforms are made from the finest materials available and are carefully constructed to last.

This spring, add new kitchen uniforms to your spring cleaning checklist. Stained, dingy uniforms have no place in a restaurant like yours. Order new uniforms for your staff to refresh their spirits and get them ready to take on spring. It’s the perfect opportunity to change styles, choose a lighter material or go in a new direction.  Give your staff a treat by ordering premium lightweight and stylish uniforms from Averill’s Sharper Uniforms and take advantage of our incredible selection, extensive uniform knowledge and more. At Averill’s Sharper Uniforms we offer everything you need to make sure your kitchen is ready for a new season and a new set of challenges. Your kitchen crew works hard for you, treat them right by ordering new uniforms this spring.

Spring Is Coming, Time to Order for the New Year! New Styles, Colors, New Employees!

Spring Server Shirt - FemaleNew Spring Hospitality Uniform Styles at Sharper Uniforms

The best finds in new spring styles for hospitality uniforms also are selling for less at Sharper Uniforms.  We have new looks to outfit your staff from the front of the house to the back in the kitchen. Shop our new designs in catering uniforms, resort and spa wear and more.

When spring arrives, it’s only natural to want to mimic nature by introducing sunnier colors than darker winter hues. Investing in smart looking uniforms is also smart for your hospitality business’s bottom line.

When your hospitality industry employees dress to impress, it positively influences customers and increases job satisfaction among your workers. Cornell University reports that there is a measurable correlation, according to studies on the effect of employee uniforms on customers and employee job satisfaction.

Replace all uniforms, or add economically priced accessories such as lighter or brighter aprons, shirts, ties or scarves. Our new arrivals for spring include smartly designed snap-button stain-release server shirts for women and figure-flattering styles in wrap-front spa tunics.


Casual resorts and restaurants are praising our new men’s crew neck uniform T-shirts with moisture-wicking construction. We have fun new unisex jacquard camp shirt styles for services in four vibrant colors. Kitchen chefs give five-star reviews to our new looks in chef military caps and chef slouch beanies. See our collection of economically priced styles in vests and jackets for men and women. Choose classic styles to transcend seasonal trends.

Today’s hospitality industry uniform shirts reflect smarter construction such as fabrics that resist stains, and wrinkles. As the weather grows warmer, you’ll want your staff to look polished and cool in formal or casual restaurant and resort shirts for men and attractive shirt styles for women that wick away moisture.

At American owned Averill’s Sharper Uniforms, most of our apparel is made in America for the best quality and exceptional durability. If your hospitality wear budget is tight this year, you can still welcome in spring by shopping our sales for uniform basics and adding spring flourishes with our low prices on spring season vests and neckwear for men and women.

Contact our staff for custom embroidery, screen print and heat seal services on your next order from the hospitality pros from SharperUniforms.com.

Sharper Uniforms Is Going on the Road – We Are Attending 3 Trade Shows Early This Year!

Join Sharper Uniforms at Spring 2017 Tradeshows

Averill’s Sharper Uniforms is on the road this spring to show off our exceptional classic uniform favorites and new hospitality uniform styles to America. We’re a hospitality tradeshow favorite for our collection of the best uniforms for men and women at our unbeatably low prices.

It’s also our chance to learn from customers around the country what they like and what they want for their restaurants, spas, resorts, hotels and other hospitality businesses. What we learn on the road is represented in every new collection of customer-approved shirts, pants, skirts, caps, coats, vests, neckwear and accessories for casual and formal settings.

Sharper Uniforms Trade Show

In Florida

At the CMAA 2017 Club Business Expo in Orlando, Florida, on Feb. 9 to Feb. 10, hosted by the Club Managers Association of America, we will be showing off our new arrivals for spring that you can also see at our website at SharperUniforms.com.

Visit us at Booth No. 223 at the tradeshow at the Orlando World Center Marriott, and you will receive a free gift. Plus, you can enter for the chance to win a surprise gift at our tradeshow drawing. At the CMAA event, you can also meet executives from country clubs, restaurants, resorts, yacht clubs and golf facilities around the world.

In Boston

We travel north to the New England Food Show on Feb. 26 through Feb. 28 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center in Boston, Massachusetts.  Visit us at Booth No. 110 to see our great front and back of the house uniforms, and enter for our drawing for a surprise gift.

Be our guest with free tickets to this hospitality industry-favorite show. Go to the food show’s website and click on registration. Enter Priority Code 30111 for your free tickets. There is no limit on free ticket requests, so bring your staff and family.

In Maine

We travel to Maine in March for the 2017 Maine Restaurant Show on March 29 at the Cross Insurance Arena at 1 Civic Center Square in Portland, Maine. Come see us in Booth No. 604 for show-only special prices and discounts. At every one of our on-the-road shows, you’ll learn about new trends and money-saving tips on outfitting your staff.

Throughout the year, you can find the best prices on smartly designed casual and formal hospitality uniforms, along with a full array of custom uniform services, at SharperUniforms.com.