Ladies Fitted Blouses

One of the most often asked questions from restaurants and food & beverage organizations is what does Sharper Uniforms have for selection of ladies fitted shirts. Men’s box cut shirts are no longer acceptable to ladies, they prefer a blouse with front and back darts which result in a neat fitted look. Remember, first looks are everything!

At Sharper Uniforms we offer the Ladies Ultimate 3/4 Sleeve blouse and also the Ladies Ultimate V-Neck Tailored Stretch Long Sleeve Blouse.
A more casual blouse is the poplin blouse with darts in the back only, Poplin Shirt Point Collar; this comes in both 3/4 and long sleeve.

The trend is fitted for the ladies… for the guys…..they can wear any cut…..managers joke that you could give them a potato sack to wear and they’d be OK with it.

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  • Sarah says:

    We use Averill’s Ladies Ultimate 3/4 Sleeve Blouses at our restuarant – they are awesome! Best thing is they have finished hems so you can wear them tucked in or left out….which is great….they do a great job of covering up the middles of those younger staff that wear the lowrise pants.

    Sarah, All Clammed Up Restaurant

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