Look Slimmer With These Simple Fashion Tips

Not as thin as you’d like to be? Then have no fear; there are a few simple steps that you can take to make yourself look that way. These tips come courtesy of YGOY Fashion.

Wide-leg pants

Contrary to popular belief, wide-leg pants won’t make you look bigger. In fact, they make your legs look longer, which makes you look taller, and if you look taller, you’ll appear much slimmer.

Pointed-toe shoes

Pointed-toe shoes complement your pants by allowing them to flow into a point. Rounded-toe shoes, on the other hand, make things look clumsy.

Dark colors

Dressing in dark colors will make you look slimmer, but you shouldn’t do so from head to toe. The contrast between a dark top and bright bottom or vice versa will create an attractive look.

Choosing the right fit

Don’t just look at the number on the tag. Different clothes may run smaller or bigger than what you’re used to. It’s all relative, so be sure to try on a variety of sizes before choosing.

Accentuate your blessings

Wear clothes that bring out something of which you’re particularly proud. For example, if you have nice legs, wear a knee length skirt. If you have nice arms, wear a short sleeve polo shirt. Don’t be afraid to show off!

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