Accessorize with Ascots, Scarves, and Ties

Silk Scarf

Every uniform should have an element of personality to it. When a member of your wait staff approaches a customer or greets a guest, he or she is making a first impression about the nature and tone of your business. With a personal touch to his or her uniform, your guests will notice that your business isn’t about delivering cookie-cutter service – it’s about being an individual and meeting their unique needs. To give your wait staff some flair in their uniforms, consider adding an ascot or tie to their ensemble. Not only will they look professional, but they’ll also be able to accessorize to their own unique tastes. Guests will love the clean, crisp look of a colorful tie on your bartender and waitresses will look stunning with a bright silk scarf. It doesn’t have to be big or flashy – just personal enough to convey your commitment to individuality. Check out some of the ties and ascots from and you’ll see why guests love this element of professional personalization.

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