Tips for Wedding Ready Uniforms

Catering a wedding can be a great way to promote your business as well as make a little extra money during the peak wedding season. However, outfitting your restaurant staff with wedding ready attire can be a challenge, especially during the summer months when most weddings happen. You want to be sure that your staff is comfortable enough to handle the heat while still looking professional and put together.

This can be easy when you try utilizing short sleeved shirts or long sleeved button downs in linen or white cotton fabrics. Cotton and linen are both very lightweight and offer a breathable, easy fit – as long as you don’t go with woven or thicker blends. While slacks are a staple for both men and women, you can get a bit creative when it comes to fabric. Cotton trousers for men or skirts for women can offer a cooler feel without sacrificing style. A small apron should be just enough for convenience while still keeping cool.

Finally, instead of choosing a vest for your servers to pull it all together, choose button covers, a belt and a bow tie. This is much cooler and easier for your staff to work in, not to mention, it’s just enough accessorization to make the look work. Slip on some black shoes and you’ve got a wedding ready uniform that’s meant to impress. Just remember to have your staff keep their hair and outfits neat and tidy.

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