How to Choose the Right Tie

Professional males already know that the tie is an essential wardrobe piece. Able to accessorize suits and dress shirts easily for a put-together, clean look, neckties offer a very classic touch to any outfit. To find the right necktie for you, keep in mind these easy tips from


While most ties have a length of about 54 inches and width of 3 1/4 inches, there are plenty of other options that can work for your suit or for your body size. Try to choose a tie that works for you by trying different styles to see which looks best.

The best thing you can do while shopping for a necktie is to touch it. A quality tie will feel smooth to the touch and consist of three, not two, pieces sewn together. Take a look to see if the tie has any imperfections. Then, examine the tie’s lining.

Choose your tie color or pattern by considering the shirt and suit. Try to complement, not compete. For example, a subtly striped shirt can work well with a boldy striped tie. Also, don’t be afraid of playing with monochrome palettes. Choose a lighter or darker shade tie to match your shirt.

Try to avoid mixing too many patterns. As a rule, limit yourself to two per outfit.

Shopping for the occasion will help you be sure that you’re dressing to the nines. For more conservative functions, like job interviews or meetings, choose ties that are a little more subtle and classic. For bolder occasions like a party, feel free to show off your personality.

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