Make Laundry Even Better

Keeping your clothing in its best condition is important, especially if you really want to get the full value out of each and every piece. To help you preserve the look, quality, and color of your favorite clothing items or uniforms, try out some of these easy tips from


1.Read the label to your clothing. This is the best possible way to find out just what kind of care each piece needs. Even if there’s not a whole lot of information on the label, you can still utilize what’s there in terms of fabric type to determine what the item needs in terms of washing and drying.

2.Wash like colors with other like colors and wash whites only with other whites. If you have a new item in a dark color, wash it completely separate to prevent color bleeding.

3.Turn your clothes inside out when you wash and dry them to avoid pilling, damage, or fade in your favorite pieces.
4.Wash your colors in cold to save energy and to preserve your color quality.

5.Dry your clothing on permanent press or on a cycle with low heat if you can, as this can help to keep your colors vibrant.

6.Lock in color by adding one cup of white vinegar to your wash, along with your laundry detergent.

7.Always choose the right detergent for your clothing, especially if you’re looking to wash delicates.

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