Picking the Perfect Pair

With tons of great styles to choose from, it’s no wonder that women dread shopping for the perfect pair of pants. To help get you through your next search for the right pair of trousers, remember that SharperUniforms.com has this great guide for finding the right pair of pants for your height, shape, or sense of style. Ready to get dressed? Start out with these great tips:

1.If any of your trouble spots lie below the waist, be sure to choose paint styles that are free from lots of pleats, pockets and zippers. These details, while fun, can add too much bulk and fullness to your lower half. Instead, look for very basic, tailored pieces with a good cut – no embellishments.

2.If your legs are shorter and you want to make them look longer, choose pants and jeans in darker colors in a classic denim, corduroy, or slim, barely there vertical striped pattern.

3.For thicker waists, avoid any sort of belting that could draw attention to your mid section. Instead, stick with pants that are in solid colors. Avoid patterns at all costs.

4.Black isn’t the only color that thins. In fact, khaki, navy blue, beige, and royal blue also have slimming effects.

5.The best length for just about everyone is a classic cut that is just below the ankle with the hem brushing the back of your shoe.

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