Dressing For Success: Interview Fashion

When you’re looking to land the job of your dreams, shouldn’t you be thinking about the impression you’re making? More often than not, those little details that can make or break an interview go unnoticed and in the end, can make all the difference in a hiring. If you’re about to go to an interview for a great position that you think you’re right for, then be sure that you send that same message to the interviewer by dressing for success with these great tips from SharperUniforms.com.


1.First off, choose a great cut suit in classic black or navy blue. Don’t go all out with detailing and make sure that it’s well tailored. Also, go with a conservative yet stylish cut to send a message of professionalism.
2.For the shirt and or tie, choose a colorful, but not too bold shade to work with. Ladies, be sure that your blouse isn’t too cut and is pressed to perfection. For guys, choose complimentary shirt and tie sets for under your suit coat and be sure everything is clean and wrinkle free.
3.For shoes, make sure that they’re shined and polished. If you don’t care enough about your shoes, why would you care about the little details in your job?
4.Accessorize in moderation and be subtle. Let your interview skills be the focus, not your earrings.
5.For ladies, closed toe shoes are a must. Also, wear stockings and be mindful of runs or snags.
6.For gents, be sure that your shirt is tucked in and that you accessorize your pants with a sleek matching belt.
7.Your hair should be freshly cut and styled in a way that’s put together and polished.
8.Hails, teeth, and skin should be clean and well groomed.
9.Ladies, don’t go overboard on the makeup. Keep it basic and natural.
10.Be confident and smile! These are your best accessories!

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