Dressing Your Formal Wait Staff

Waitstaff Uniforms

Being an owner of a banquet hall, country club or a restaurant that hosts black tie events can be very stressful. From booking events to keeping your guests happy,there are plenty of things for a business owner to deal with on a daily basis. If you are not booking events, you are usually on the phone addressing a customer’s concern or conflict. But another aspect of hosting formal events is determining how to dress your wait staff. This may seem like an easy task but it can actually become a major hurdle. You want to keep your wait staff stylish yet generic enough to keep the most attention on the guests. SharperUniforms.com is here to help you dress your wait staff for any formal event. Followblog these tips for picking out the best attire for your wait staff:

1- Keep your wait staff modern by choosing the latest styles out on the market. There is nothing worse than showing up to a formal event with an outdated looking wait staff.

2 – Choose basic colors to dress your wait staff in. Because they are not too extravagant, black and white tend to work the best. The mission for the wait staff is to be invisible yet be able to serve the needs of every guest. It is hard to be invisible if you are wearing brighter colors than the guests.

3 – If you have a company image that incorporates other colors that may be brighter, use them to accent the uniform with accessories such as with cuff links or with subtle patterns in the tie. This will also help you keep your company image throughout the event.

4 – Go custom! Customize your logo or company name on the uniforms. Be totally unique from any other formal event host. SharperUniforms.com offers custom uniform embroidery for your custom needs.

5 – Put a dress code in place that creates uniformity and cleanliness throughout your wait staff. This means paying attention to details such as matching socks, polished shoes and correctly tied ties. The one employee out of 50 wearing white socks with his shirt out can create an image of sloppiness for your whole company.

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