Add Personality By Accessorizing

Have you ever had to wear a uniform at work?

Sometimes your uniform can look a little bland because of a dress code and you don’t want that to keep you from showing off your personality – after all, your clients want service that is personal and lively. We all know accessories solve the problem when you think something is missing from your outfit, but some dress code limits can keep you from accessorizing the way that you’d like to. Don’t worry. has you covered with a few tips on how you can spice up your uniform without breaking your employer’s dress code.

1 – Button covers can be used to dazzle your shirt without being too over the top in your employer’s eyes. Button covers are small, yet stylish additions to any ensemble. With button covers, you do not have to feel like you are wearing a dull shirt anymore.

2 – Cuff links are another accessory that can add flair to your uniform. Cuff links come in many different colors and styles, but it is recommended you stay within the color code of your required uniform.

3 – Belts are a huge part of any uniform, and are almost always required. But why wear a plain black belt when you can wear something with a little more style? Leather belts are recommended because of their classy and professional look. You can get many different styles such as braided or smooth to show off your unique look and really add personality to your slacks.

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