Do You Work In or Own a Restaurant?

If so, it’s important to remember that impressions are everything. From the linens to the décor, the food to the service, the details that make up your business will either make or break an experience for your guests. You have to make sure that your guests are impressed at it all. Start out by caring for your restaurant linens the right way with a few of these tips from

First of all, no one likes a dirty table cloth. Besides looking uninviting and unsanitary, dirty table linens give off the impression that the restaurant simply does not care about every little detail in the experience. Prove your guests wrong by taking extra time to care for your linens the right way by either washing yourself at the end of every service, or by utilizing a laundry service. The cleanliness will ensure that your business always makes the right impression.

Next, consider the laundering of your employees. Are their uniforms clean? Do they look professional and send the right message to guests? If not, it’s time to update their wardrobes with restaurant uniforms from and a stricter dress code. Make sure the clothing looks clean, pressed and elegant. Remember, your guests are paying for a true experience.

Finally, ensure that your restaurant always makes the right impression with your guests by choosing linens that create a feel for the space. Choose colors and textures that are durable enough to last, yet offer the luxurious look and feel that guests come to expect from a top quality restaurant. Not sure of what to pick? Work with your linen provider or a designer to come up with a perfect fit.

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