Working This Halloween?


Working during the holidays can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to dressing your staff. During these special times of year, many employees let their creativity run wild. As they come up with great ensembles that can help to liven up your business on Halloween, be sure that they’re keeping in mind some of these important uniform tips:

1.Dressing in costume can be great for Halloween, so encourage it if your guests would appreciate it. However, keep in mind that all costumes must be in line with your business values and appropriate for the occasion.

2.Make sure no costumes offer any dangling, drooping, hanging, or loose features that could cause a hazard to the employees, guests and others.

3.Hand and face makeup can be dangerous, especially when working around food. Just be careful that your employees are still keeping within code.

4.Wigs can be great for Halloween, but avoid wigs that offer long or loose hair that could potentially end up making a mess or bothering a guest.

5.Ensure that your employee can perform his or her job in costume perfectly. Remember, attire is no reason to sacrifice service.

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