Monthly Archives: November 2009

Don’t Miss Out On Holiday Opportunities

We hope everyone out there had a relaxing and tasty Thanksgiving this year! Now that turkey day has passed, we wanted to take a moment to talk about ways that restaurants can take advantage of the holiday season. Christmas shopping traditionally takes place at the mall, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get in on […]

Top Tips For Running A Spa

Everyone needs a chance to get away and relax now and then. Spas are a popular choice for people who need to take a break and recharge their batteries. Any spa owner will tell you that running a popular spa is a demanding, but rewarding business. You want your clients to be blown away by […]

Dressing Up Your Restaurant For The Holidays

It seems like time is flying! We were just getting ready for Halloween and now we’re already seeing Christmas commercials on tv. It won’t be long before the holiday season is in full swing, so we wanted to share some easy tips for dressing up your restaurant for the holiday season. Lights & Décor – […]

Customer Service Is King

Once you have your wait staff looking their best, you need to make sure they’re acting their best as well. A well dressed staff is nothing if they haven’t been trained in proper etiquette and customer service. It’s also a good idea to hold occasional refresher courses to keep your staff in tip top shape. […]