Top Tips For Running A Spa


Everyone needs a chance to get away and relax now and then. Spas are a popular choice for people who need to take a break and recharge their batteries. Any spa owner will tell you that running a popular spa is a demanding, but rewarding business. You want your clients to be blown away by the level of your service and cleanliness every time they walk in the door.

We’ve collected some great advice for running a spa, straight from some of our expert clients:

1. Keep plenty of clean spa towels on hand. You should have an extra stock in every room in your spa, for your patrons to dry off with and also for cleaning your work stations.

2. Have clean and crisp spa uniforms on hand for all staff. It gives a cohesiveness to your business and allows patrons to recognize employees in case they need assistance. A comfortable uniform will also improve your employee’s experience and allow them to do their job to the best of their ability.

3. Listen. Never ever underestimate the importance of listening to your customer. When you understand their needs, wants and even their complaints, you’ll learn how to improve your service and grow your business.

4. Don’t skimp on your spa robes. If someone will be wearing of these all day, they should be comfortable. A high quality robe won’t need to be replaced as often either!

5. Take surveys. Ask your clients to rate their experience at your spa and look for weak points you can improve. Give your employees surveys as well. If you can do things to improve their working conditions, it will trickle down into better experiences for the customers as well.

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