Monthly Archives: December 2009

It’s All About The Details

When you’re researching uniforms for your business, you’ll probably develop a general idea of the look and feel you want your clothing to give off. But when it comes time to actually purchase your uniforms, it’s the small details that can make or break the look you want. What kind of things should you be […]

Why Garment Care Is A Big Deal

You’ve probably got a favorite shirt that you take extra care of. It gets washed on the gentle cycle and is never left in a rumpled heap on the floor. But what about your professional wardrobe? Does it get the same love and attention? If you’re not taking proper care of your career clothing, you’ll […]

All About Aprons!

One of the most important pieces of your wait staff’s uniform is often one that doesn’t get much thought: Aprons. These versatile pieces of clothing are often chosen just for their function, but some thought should be put into their style as well. Staff wear their aprons on top of their clothes, which makes them […]

Prepping Your Staff For Winter Weather

The cold weather has officially arrived in most of the country. People are bundling up as they head out to work and school, and your staff should be no different. Inside it’s warm and toasty, but if you’re running a country club, casino, or any other company that sends their employees outside, you need to […]