Prepping Your Staff For Winter Weather

The cold weather has officially arrived in most of the country. People are bundling up as they head out to work and school, and your staff should be no different. Inside it’s warm and toasty, but if you’re running a country club, casino, or any other company that sends their employees outside, you need to prep them for the chill!

Sweaters – If it gets chilly inside or back in the kitchen, adding a sweater to your uniforms is an easy way to keep your staff happy and warm. They’re a great choice when no one is spending much time outside but might encounter drafts from the door at the front desk.

Jackets – You might not need heavy duty winter wear in warmer climates, but you should keep some jackets on hand for chilly evenings. A men’s blazer or suit jacket is a good way to keep warm, and it also dresses up your staff for formal events.

Outerwear – Your staff needs to be prepared to do their job even on the coldest days of the year. Now is the time to invest in some high quality men’s outerwear and women’s outerwear. Look for fleeces, rain jackets, and other heavy duty coats that can withstand anything. Warm staff members are happy and will continue to provide the top notch service you expect!

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