All About Aprons!

apron One of the most important pieces of your wait staff’s uniform is often one that doesn’t get much thought: Aprons. These versatile pieces of clothing are often chosen just for their function, but some thought should be put into their style as well. Staff wear their aprons on top of their clothes, which makes them one of the first things your customers will see. Something that gets so much face time deserves some thought, doesn’t it?

Aprons for Severs – Servers need aprons primarily to help carry things, such as pens, straws and paper. Front pocket aprons are the most popular choice for servers since it allows them to store everything they need close by. Waist aprons or bistro aprons are the most popular because they don’t cover up the waiter’s top.

Kitchen Staff Aprons – Things can quickly get messy back in the kitchen, so it makes sense to choose a full bib apron for anyone working behind the scenes. It keeps your staff neat and clean, and they can be quickly removed if the cook wants to come up front and mingle with guests.

If you have a specific color scheme at your restaurant, you might want to choose colors and patterns that compliment your space. Otherwise, black or white make classic and elegant choices for any apron!

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