Why Garment Care Is A Big Deal

You’ve probably got a favorite shirt that you take extra care of. It gets washed on the gentle cycle and is never left in a rumpled heap on the floor. But what about your professional wardrobe? Does it get the same love and attention? If you’re not taking proper care of your career clothing, you’ll end up spending more time and money in the long run as you try to look your best. We’ve collected some great tips that can help you keep your clothes in tip top shape!

Watch Care Labels. Every garment has a care label. You should review the instructions on that label before washing. Don’t just assume everything can go in the same laundry load!

Sort Laundry Before Washing. Don’t mix your lights and darks, just like mom taught us when we were little! The last thing you want is dark colors to bleed onto your light colored clothing. Separate delicates which might be damaged in the wash with coarser clothing. Also, wash things that produce lint, like towels, in their own load.

Treat Stains ASAP. Don’t ever let stains sit on the fabric, if you can help it. Use a spot remove on a stain as soon as you see it.

Press Or Steam. Eliminating wrinkles is important for a professional look. Just make sure you’ve checked your heat settings before you start so that you don’t burn or damage the fabric.

Don’t Skimp On Hangers. Ditch the wire hangers and use something with more support that won’t allow clothes to sag out of shape.

Zip It Up! Garments with zippers should be zipped up and secured. Velcro closures should be covered and turned inside out so that these items can’t catch on other clothing and cause snags

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