It’s All About The Details

When you’re researching uniforms for your business, you’ll probably develop a general idea of the look and feel you want your clothing to give off. But when it comes time to actually purchase your uniforms, it’s the small details that can make or break the look you want. What kind of things should you be thinking about?

Collars – Pointed or Button Down? The difference between these two collar styles seems minor, but depending on the level of formality you’re looking for, it can make all the difference.

Front Pockets – Yes or No? Traditionally, we’ve found that women prefer their work uniforms to consist of a more fitted shirt without a front pocket. Men, on the other hand, would rather have the standard point collar shirt with a pocket. So will you get the same style uniforms for all employees, or order separate men’s shirts and women’s shirts? If you’re going with pockets, there are more choices. Some pockets come with a very tiny sewn in area to store a pen for easy access. Will that be useful to your team?

Button Color – Dyed or Plain? You might not even think about the color of your buttons, but you have options here as well. The standard button option are white or clear buttons, though most shirts can be ordered with buttons that match the shirt color. In fact, it’s becoming more and more popular, and creates a very clean look.

Before you order any uniforms, take some time to review the details and always ask questions. The experts at Averill’s Sharper Uniforms are here to help!

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