The One And Only Zipper Tie!


If you don’t work in the food or service industry, you’ve probably never even heard of a zipper tie. But if you do, then these ties are beyond famous. This simple invention has helped revolutionize the look of waitstaff everywhere.

So how exactly does the zipper tie work? It’s actually really simple! It comes with a pre-tied tie that’s attached to a longer loop. Slip that loop around your neck and then you can zip the tie up until it’s sitting comfortably. You can an instantly professional look without the hassle of tying the tie from scratch!

A zipper tie is great for women who might have never had to tie a tie before, or even places like country clubs that hire a lot of younger men and even high school kids for the summer who haven’t had to wear ties that often! It’s a great addition to your staff’s wardrobe because it presents a standard look – it’s a guarantee that everyone will look sharp, as the don’t have to worry about the fuse of a tie. If you’re having trouble getting that uniform look you want from your staff, why not try out some zipper ties? They come in a wide range of colors and are a snap to use!

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