Aprons 101


One of the most popular items on our site, and one that we get a lot of questions on, is the apron. With so many styles and colors available, it’s not surprising that you want to know more! The apron is one of the most useful pieces of your staff’s uniform. They keep everyone looking and clean and neat, and in the event of a spill, you can change and look as good as new in a matter of minutes. So which apron is right for your team?

Waist Aprons – The waist apron is one of our best sellers, and is popular for good reason. It’s a handy tool for servers – they can store extra straws, pens and notepads for taking orders and keep them in easy reach. There’s no fumbling in their pockets or running back and forth to get what they need.

Bistro Aprons – The bistro apron is similar to the waist apron, just longer. For a more professional look, or for restaurants where the waitstaff is more likely to get dirty, the bistro aprons will keep them covered!

Bib Aprons (with or without pockets) – This apron is perfect for people in the front and the back of the house. Cooks definitely need the bib apron to keep them clean, and often servers like them if they’re helping out in the back.

Cobbler Aprons – This style is popular for housekeeping and maintenance jobs, and has all the functionality of all the aprons above. Leave the dust and grime on the apron and not on your uniform!

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