Monthly Archives: February 2010

What Women Want

No, this post isn’t a look into the most closely guarded secret in the universe! It’s a look into the type of shirts that women working in the hospitality industry prefer! Not all shirts are made equal and there are certain styles that are more flattering for the ladies. Many women prefer a more fitted […]

We Adore Apron Thrift Girl!

We were lucky enough to have recently connected with Selena who is the fun loving personality behind the blog, Apron Thrift Girl. With her life evolving around thrifting ever since she was a little one, to this day her lift is still centered around thrifting. We happened to stumble upon her fantastic blog while reaching […]

New Fabric Technologies Keep You Fresh!

It isn’t easy to stay on the leading edge of clothing technology for the food service industry. Yes, we said “clothing technology”. Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a shirt that looks good! Today’s fabrics are engineered to be stronger, more vibrant, and even repell odor! We’ve added two new shirts to our site […]

Sharper Uniforms At The Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo

We can’t believe how time flies! In less than a month we’ll be at the New England Food Show. Today, we’re excited to announce another appearance that’s in the works for the very end of March. Sharper Uniforms is scheduled to appear at the 2010 Maine Restaurant & Lodging Expo 2010! The Maine Restaurant & […]

Get Instant Discounts With Our Scratch & Save!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to – Scratch And Save Discounts! They’re just like your favorite instant lottery tickets, except this time you’re scratching to see how much you’ll save off your order with us. So how does this new promo work? It’s pretty simple. First, go to any item page and […]