Get Instant Discounts With Our Scratch & Save!

We’re thrilled to announce the latest update to – Scratch And Save Discounts! They’re just like your favorite instant lottery tickets, except this time you’re scratching to see how much you’ll save off your order with us.

So how does this new promo work? It’s pretty simple. First, go to any item page and you’ll see the scratch and save box. Click and hold the dime that’s to the right of the box. Don’t let go of that left mouse button, and then drag the coin over the scratch box. You’ll reveal a random coupon code that can be used to save on your order:


Copy that code and then paste it in the coupon field during checkout and you’ll save. You never know what the amount will be, so why not try it out? You can save on any order and keep your staff looking stylish for less. We’re updating it regularly so remember to try your luck with our Scratch And Save every time you shop!

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