New Fabric Technologies Keep You Fresh!


It isn’t easy to stay on the leading edge of clothing technology for the food service industry. Yes, we said “clothing technology”. Sometimes it’s not enough to just have a shirt that looks good! Today’s fabrics are engineered to be stronger, more vibrant, and even repell odor!

We’ve added two new shirts to our site that we’re extremely proud of: the men’s extreme performance moisture management polo shirt, and the women’s extreme performance moisture management polo shirt. But what exactly makes these shirts so special?

They’re both treated with the AP-360+ Fabric Shield. This amazing technology blocks odor causing bacterial growth and ensures freshness. Just because you’re breaking a sweat on the job doesn’t mean your customers have to know! This fabric shield reduces bacterial contamination and acts as a natural deodorant. It’s made from crustacean shells – a natural and renewable resource. The fabric will actually wick the moisture away from you so it can evaporate, which keeps you cooler.

If you want to learn more about this amazing new technology, let us know! We’re happy to discuss and help you see if this amazing new fabric is right for you!

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