Huge Fans of Rick Rack Shack!

Rick Rack Shack1
We thought the staff at Sharper Uniforms, were dedicated to all who wear aprons, but low and behold, we’ve come across another site with that same dedication and that site is Rick Rack Shack. We recently connected with Deci from Rick Rack Shack as we were browsing other craft and kitchen blogs and we are so happy that we discovered her and her blog. She showcases everything pertaining to aprons, from fun designs and styles, to giveaways and contests, as well as offering patterns and informative video clips to her readers. We love the pizzazz and fun spirit behind each and every post of Deci’s! She was even kind enough to mention Sharper Uniforms on her blog here. We’d love for you to lend her a visit and enjoy the posts she’s highlighted about all topics pertaining to aprons! We hope you enjoy Rick Rack Shack as much as we do!

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