Outfitting Your Maintenance Staff


One of the most often overlooked, but absolutely critical pieces of your support staff is the maintenance team. They keep the hotel running smoothly and are on hand to fix all of your minor, and major, crises. Their work isn’t always glamorous – not that you’d expect that from unclogging toilets and shoveling snow. However, when they’re NOT there, you notice it.

To keep your maintenance crew running at peak performance, you need maintenance uniforms that are durable yet comfortable. They’ll undoubtedly get dirty, so pick stain resistant and tough fabrics that will withstand lots of wear and tear. They should also be comfortable and have enough flexibility that your staff won’t feel constricted when working in tight spaces. Finally, they need to look good. Maintenance staff are often called in to work on problems in rooms where guests are staying, so their appearance is just as important as the rest of your staff!

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