Monthly Archives: May 2010

A Ladies’ 3/4 Sleeve Fitted Blouse Can Go the Distance

If you’ve ever spent an extended period of time in a long sleeve blouse, you know how annoying those cuffs can be. Especially if you’re doing any kind of work with your hands. That’s why we have these Ultimate Ladies’ ¾ Sleeve Blouses. Here at we understand what women are looking for in a […]

Country Club Uniforms Set the Tone!

With summer coming quickly upon us, it’s time to think about getting your country club staff ready for the season. This is a big time of year for golfers, so there will be lots of people in and out of your club for the next couple of months. You want to make sure your staff […]

Think What Your Uniforms Say to People

Uniforms have been around for centuries.  They tell people what the wearer does for a living.  There’s the old question, “Why does the fireman wear red suspenders?”  Well, firemen were traditionally uniformed in red suspenders as a way to indicate what they did.  Red represented fire, and they wore the red suspenders when they put […]

Don’t Forget a Lightweight Jacket!

Summer weather and warmer temperatures are here and it’s time that you adjust the uniforms for your staff to accommodate the change of season. With summer ushering in new weather, it’s important that your staff feels cool and comfortable. Luckily, at, we carry new lightweight jackets that are perfect for being worn by a […]