Stay Cool: Moisture Management Polos

moisture management polo
We’ve been talking a lot about summertime lately. And with good reason! Around here, it’s going to be about 90 degrees this weekend. It’s got us all thinking about how to keep ourselves cool. Lucky for a lot of us, we can just jump in the pool to get some relief on hot days. But what about your staff? They can’t just stop doing their job. The next best thing is a Moisture Management Polo.

We’ve talked about these before, but they’re totally worth mentioning again. (Because, really, were you thinking about hot weather back in February?) Like we said then, these moisture management polos are on the cutting edge of clothing technology. And now that the weather is hot enough, you’ll really appreciate the science behind these things. They’re treated with the AP-360+ Fabric Shield. That means they actually block bacteria from causing odors in the garment. Your staff will probably be working up a sweat in the months to come, but these shirts will keep any of your customers from noticing that.

The technology behind the moisture management polos still blows us away. They literally act as a natural deodorant. (That doesn’t mean your staff can stop wearing their regular deodorant, though!) The fabric shield is actually made from crustacean shells, so it’s a nice green resource that isn’t going to hurt the environment.

A cool staff is a happy staff— and the moisture management polo shirts literally keep moisture off the skin. And that keeps everyone way cool.

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