Monthly Archives: July 2010

Roll-Up Long Sleeve Blouse: A Staple

You don’t have to be buying uniforms for your entire staff to appreciate some of the garments here at Sharper Uniforms. We have things that can be a staple in just about anybody’s wardrobe— from outdoor laborers to business executives. Our Roll-Up Long Sleeve Blouse makes an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Perfect for […]

Hey Good Lookin’, What You Got Cookin? Chef Coats!

Chefs don’t always get a lot of face-time with customers, but it’s still important that they look and feel their best when they’re on the job. Fortunately, carries a great line of chef coats. Cool Vent Chef Coats are made of comfortable moisture wicking material. They also feature a ventilation system that will keep […]

Benefits of Wearing a Uniform: For the Business Owner

Last time we talked a little bit about what it means for an employee to wear a uniform. Well, the benefits don’t end there. In fact, uniforms are just as important to the business owner or manager as they are to the employees. While employees find themselves with a renewed sense of teamwork, business owners […]

The Benefits of Wearing a Uniform: For the Employee

For some people out there, the word “uniform” might bring up some unpleasant memories. These are probably the same people that had to wear uncomfortable school uniforms. We may be a uniform business, but we can totally understand why a teenager wouldn’t want to wear the same thing to school everyday! But the working world […]