Hey Good Lookin’, What You Got Cookin? Chef Coats!

Chefs don’t always get a lot of face-time with customers, but it’s still important that they look and feel their best when they’re on the job. Fortunately, SharperUniforms.com carries a great line of chef coats.
chef coats sharper uniforms
Cool Vent Chef Coats are made of comfortable moisture wicking material. They also feature a ventilation system that will keep a chef cool no matter how hot it gets in the kitchen. So don’t worry, the adage “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!” won’t apply to any of your chefs as long as they’re in these great chef coats.

Cotton Chef Coats are the next coolest coat. (We don’t mean cool like the Fonz from Happy Days— we mean cool as in comfortable.) Ours are made of either Egyptian cotton or cotton twill. You can’t go wrong!

Poly-Cotton Chef Coats are extremely durable. They’re perfect for line cooks or anyone else that might be a little rough on their uniform. Food stains are removed easily, so these coats are totally worth it.

Ladies Chef Coats… because how could we forget the ladies? These come in either the cotton or cotton-poly blend. They’re cut specifically for women, so your female chefs will feel fabulous.

Green Recycled Chef Apparel uses 20% post-consumer waste. That means your chefs will be helping out the environment when they wear these uniforms. They look and feel as great as our other chef coats, but they’re a little friendlier to Mother Earth.

Whatever you need for your chefs, you’ll find it at SharperUniforms.com!

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