Roll-Up Long Sleeve Blouse: A Staple

You don’t have to be buying uniforms for your entire staff to appreciate some of the garments here at Sharper Uniforms. We have things that can be a staple in just about anybody’s wardrobe— from outdoor laborers to business executives. Our Roll-Up Long Sleeve Blouse makes an excellent addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Perfect for offices where business attire is appropriate, you’ll be glad you have a blouse that’s as comfortable as this one.

roll up long sleeve blouse sharper uniform

What’s so great about this blouse? Well, it’s got a beautifully feminine open neckline, and it’s made of soft combed cotton oxford. Our favorite part about the garment, though, is the fact that it can be worn either long or short sleeved. The sleeves have button closures that allow you to roll them up and still look chic and put-together. It’s perfect for the office— especially as the temperature fluctuates. If it’s a warm day outside, you can be sure that the air conditioning will be on in the building. Keep the sleeves rolled down when you’re indoors so you can stay warm. When you leave for the day, roll them up! It’s such a versatile garment.

Check out the other shirts and blouses at Sharper Uniforms. You’ll find something to fit your work-style and your lifestyle.

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