Holiday Catering Tips

We’re sure that you know what you’re doing in your catering business, but with the holiday season coming up, we’re sure you can use a reminder. No matter how good your staff looks in their clothing from Sharper Uniforms, the level of service is what’s really going to make a lasting impression with your clients.

• Remain calm during the busy holiday season. It’s important that you and your staff never appear flustered. Everyone is stressed—you’re stressed, and the client that you’re catering the party for is probably stressed, too. Your best bet is to keep everyone calm.
• Make sure you meet your holiday deadlines. Catering can be a very unforgiving business, and you want to keep your clients happy. It’s reasonable to be five or ten minutes late, but being a half an hour late with food service is never a good idea.
• We like to think that good catering is a lot like Christmas. If you leave everything until the last minute, you’ll probably wish that you started sooner. Organize as much as you can in advance. Know what kind of uniforms or aprons your wait staff will be wearing.

Make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row for your catering events this holiday season. Best wishes from Sharper Uniforms!

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