Caring for Hospitality Outerwear

Winter is upon us, and that means that your staff is going to have to take care of their hospitality outerwear. We have a few tips for keeping different outdoor garments clean this season.

The frequency with which you clean your coat doing the winter depends on your daily environment. If your business is in a busy city area, consider cleaning your coat once a month. Dust and dirt particles can actually get into the weave of a coat and will wear the fabric down. Otherwise, you can clean your coat twice a season. Clean it once at the beginning of winter and once at the end. All of the great hospitality coats here at Sharper Uniforms can withstand many different environments.

Many people don’t consider cleaning winter scarves more than once a season, but you really should. After all, your staff is the face of your business. Scarves are continually exposed to perspiration and makeup. Anything close to the body needs to be cleaned more often.

Gloves and Mittens
Leather gloves are more durable than fabric gloves, and they can usually be wiped with a damp cloth when they’re dirty. You should bring your leather gloves to a dry cleaner for a cleaning once a season.

With these tips, your outerwear will stay nice and clean all season long!

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