Flight Attendants’ Uniforms Through the Years

We’ve got the best hospitality uniforms for your staff here at Sharper Uniforms. We love learning about different types of uniforms. The Museum of Flight in Seattle is opening their “Style in the Aisle” exhibit, and we thought we’d take a look at flight attendant uniforms over the years. This exhibit takes us from the first flight attendants in the 1930s, through the brightly-colored 1960s and 1970s, and right up into today. Let’s see how much has changed in this unique uniform market.

What uniforms did your flight attendant wear on your last vacation?

• In the 1930s, uniforms were plain gray suits that actually resembled nurses’ uniforms.
• Uniforms changed with the times in the 1940s and the women’s clothing was a little more fashion forward.
• By 1966, the skirts on flight attendants’ uniforms was a little shorter than it was before—sitting right around the knee.
• Later on in the 1960s, the flight attendants’ uniforms were downright mod. The pieces were a selection of bright, solid colors. In many cases, the colors were inspired by the flight’s destination—green, Pacific blue, and canyon red.
• The 1970s were similar. The collection that stands out to us the most is the American Field Flowers Collection. (If you flew in the 70s, you remember this uniform.)
• We should also mention that hemlines got even shorter on the attendants’ uniforms throughout the 1970s.
• Today, flight attendant uniforms are very much like the hospitality uniforms you’ll find here at Sharper Uniforms—crisp, neat, modest, and attractive.

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