Monthly Archives: February 2011

Info About Polo Shirts! (We Love ‘Em)

Polo shirts are among the most classic uniform pieces. But do you know anything about where they came from? We’ve got great polo shirts for men and women here at Sharper Uniforms—so we were interested in their history. Polo shirts date back to the 1800s when polo players began wearing them as sporting attire. (Guess […]

School Concert Uniforms: Concert Etiquette

We’ve got a great selection of school concert uniforms here at Sharper Uniforms. But no matter how great your children or students look during their school concerts, there might be some audience members that can make the experience less-than-pleasant. If you want to ensure that your kids’ concerts go off without a hitch, outfit them […]

A Brief History of Neckties

We’ve got a great selection of hospitality neckwear here at Sharper Uniforms. You can’t deny that your staff just looks better in ties, scarves, and other types of neckwear. But have you ever wondered why neckwear is the standard? Well, we did… we did a little bit of poking around to find the answer. As […]

Valentine’s Day Catering Tips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many would-be Casanovas are going to be ordering takeout in an effort to impress their lady friends. This can be a great day for your restaurant or catering business. If you have a delivery service, you need to make sure that your staff looks great when they drop […]