Valentine’s Day Catering Tips

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, many would-be Casanovas are going to be ordering takeout in an effort to impress their lady friends. This can be a great day for your restaurant or catering business. If you have a delivery service, you need to make sure that your staff looks great when they drop the food off—you don’t want to be the reason a guy gets turned down on Valentine’s Day! That’s why we have the perfect hospitality outerwear for your delivery staff right here at Sharper Uniforms. They’ll look clean and crisp in their jackets and sweaters.

Make someone's Valentine's Day special

But that’s really only half the battle. You also need to make sure that your food gets to the happy couple in one piece. We’ve got you covered as far as the uniforms and clothing are concerned—and we also have a few tips for you when it comes to transporting your hot food.

• Make sure you have well-insulated plastic or metal containers for transporting the food.
• Wrap the food well. This will ensure that it arrives the way it’s supposed to—as opposed to all over the floor of the delivery vehicle!
• You can even double the wrap job by using both plastic wrap and foil.

The best job is a job done right. With a little bit of care and the right hospitality outerwear, your business will make the right impression this Valentine’s Day. And when you make a good impression on your customers, they’ll keep coming back. (The same sort of goes for the would-be Casanova on Valentine’s Day… he wants to make a good impression just as much as you do!)

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