A Brief History of Neckties

We’ve got a great selection of hospitality neckwear here at Sharper Uniforms. You can’t deny that your staff just looks better in ties, scarves, and other types of neckwear. But have you ever wondered why neckwear is the standard? Well, we did… we did a little bit of poking around to find the answer. As to many other things, you can find the answer in history.

neckties and tulips from sharper uniforms

Get the right neckwear for your staff

Neckties actually date back hundreds of years—coming into existence as the direct result of war. In the 17th century, a regiment from Croatia visited Paris as a celebration of their victory over the Ottoman Empire. The soldiers were presented to King Louis XIV as heroes. If you know your history, you know that Louis XIV was a big fan of personal adornment. The officers of this Croatian regiment were wearing brightly colored handkerchiefs around their necks. Louis XIV was impressed by these scarves, and he made scarves a symbol of royalty. In fact, the word “cravat” is directly derived from the word “Croat.”

The tradition of wearing neckties rests pretty deep in our culture. Make sure your staff is outfitted with the appropriate neckwear. Your customers expect it!

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