School Concert Uniforms: Concert Etiquette

It's the musicians' time to shine!

We’ve got a great selection of school concert uniforms here at Sharper Uniforms. But no matter how great your children or students look during their school concerts, there might be some audience members that can make the experience less-than-pleasant. If you want to ensure that your kids’ concerts go off without a hitch, outfit them in the classic school concert uniforms we have here—and make sure the students in the audience have a basic grasp on concert etiquette. Here are some rules that you can share with your children or students:

• Refrain from talking during the show. This is the biggest rule of all—and it also includes whispering during the music.
• The students on stage at a concert have worked hard to prepare for the performance, so they don’t need any help from the audience. Refrain from tapping feet and humming along—unless the performers ask for it.
• Velcro is a no-no at school concerts. If your purse, wallet, shoes, etc. have Velcro closures, please refrain from opening and closing them during the performance.
• Don’t applaud between movements of a musical piece. You might think the piece is over, but it isn’t.
• Try to make sure that student concert-goers have an open mind. Millions of people in the world enjoy classical music—including some classmates! Who knows… if you give it a chance, you might enjoy it, too. Imagine how classy you’d look in a school concert uniform.

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