Info About Polo Shirts! (We Love ‘Em)

Polo shirts are among the most classic uniform pieces. But do you know anything about where they came from? We’ve got great polo shirts for men and women here at Sharper Uniforms—so we were interested in their history.

Polo shirts date back to the 1800s when polo players began wearing them as sporting attire. (Guess the name makes sense, then!) They are sometimes referred to as a golf shirt or a tennis shirt, too. When not being used as a classic uniform piece, polo shirts can also be seen on people at country clubs and in offices of casual Fridays.

A long sleeved polo shirt was first worn in the 1800s by polo players. But in 1926 a revolution happened! Tennis player Rene Lacoste created a short sleeved version to wear while playing. We’re so glad he did! A classic uniform style was born.

Many different fashion trends are associated with polo shirts, as well. There were the “preppy” people in the 1980s… and lately people have been seen wearing more than one at a time! (We’re not sure how much we like that—or the “popping collars.”) We love polo shirts for their undeniably professional look. (When worn properly, of course.)

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