Hip New Aprons at Sharper Uniforms

What’s in a color? Here at Sharper Uniforms, we know you like to outfit your staff in the latest fashions and colors… and that’s why we strive to find the hottest stuff available.

Today, we’re talking about aprons. Many different people on your staff might wear an apron for one reason or another. It’s important to keep them looking fresh, clean, and up to date. Be sure to check out our new apron styles!

The criss-cross three pocket bib apron is ideal for those that don’t like the strap rubbing around their neck. The unique criss-cross straps lay on your shoulders… comfort at its finest!

Our new three pocket waist apron with belt buckle is one of our most popular choices. With three pockets and two different belt buckle sizes, you’re sure to find the solution right here.

The two pocket scalloped apron is simply adorable! It’s reversible, so it’s like two aprons in one. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Finally, the center divided pocket bib apron is the classic apron that you need.

But wait… it gets better! We have five new apron colors here at Sharper Uniforms. Look for aprons in hot pink, charcoal, turquoise, silver, and light blue.

There’s never been a better time to stock up on aprons!

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