Sharper Uniforms at New England Food Show

We were at the New England Food Show from March 20-22nd, and we had a wonderful time! The show was full of people, products, and ideas to help keep any restaurant fresh and new. There were hundreds of new products on display across the expo, and it was extremely informative and entertaining for all involved. Attendees learned how to excite their loyal customers, attract new ones, and add some new “flavor” to their businesses. We were proud to be among the vendors at this wonderful show.

Intern Alex from Babson College

So what were attendees of the New England Food Show interested in from Sharper Uniforms? Hot items this time around included:

The ladies fitted ¾ sleeve blouses and our aprons. The aprons were a huge hit because they have so many things that restaurant owners are looking for. There are quite a few aprons that are made right here in the USA. There are over 70 styles, 20 colors, and they’re soil and wrinkle resistant. When you’re running a restaurant, you want to make sure everyone looks neat and clean all the time. Attendees at the New England Food Show thought our aprons really did the trick!

We met so many great people that are opening new restaurants and looking for uniforms. Events like the New England Food Show are wonderful because they help form business and personal connections that will hopefully last for years to come.

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