Battle Seasonal Allergies!

If any of your employees suffer from seasonal allergies, it can be tough for them to do their outdoor hospitality job. No matter how good their uniforms look, stuffy noses and itchy eyes don’t send off a very professional vibe. Keeping allergies under control can be difficult—but it’s not impossible. There are many things you can do to alleviate the symptoms. Share these tips with your outdoor hospitality workers, and everyone should look and feel better!

• Suggest that they visit their doctor. Doctors can prescribe medication that can really help with allergy symptoms.
• There are also many over the counter medications that work for allergies. If you or your employee is unsure what to buy, ask the pharmacist. They can direct you to an OTC allergy medicine that treats all kinds of allergies.
• If at all possible, try and rotate shifts. If many of your hospitality employees have seasonal allergy symptoms, don’t let them be outside for too long. Rotate shifts every hour or so—bring the outdoor workers inside and vice versa.
• Keep your grounds well manicured. The less free pollen there is floating around, the better off everyone will be.

Try to enjoy springtime! Summer is almost here, and allergy season will begin to die down. This has been one of the worst allergy seasons on record—so we can’t blame you for being overwhelmed! Pretty soon you’ll just have to worry about having the right cool vent polo shirts.

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