When to Change your Apron

We have such a wide selection of waitstaff aprons here at Sharper Uniforms, that you can find the perfect one for every situation. If your staff uses aprons on the job, you should make sure that they’re doing it properly. After all, the purpose of an apron is to protect your clothing from whatever you’re doing. They’re there to get dirty, so you shouldn’t feel guilty every time a little something spills on it! There is a line, of course. Your staff should look as neat as possible on the job.

So where is that line?

It should go without saying that extremely dirty aprons are unsanitary—especially if you’re working with food. They also look unprofessional and unattractive. You don’t want to spread any germs or be unsightly to your co-workers or patrons of the establishment.

What’s the bottom line? You can generally wear an apron through an entire shift at work (if you’re a waiter or barista) without having to change it. But if you spill something on yourself or come into contact with something unsanitary, you should replace your apron ASAP. With Sharper Uniforms, there are enough aprons and options to keep you going for weeks!

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