Averill’s Sharper Uniforms Teamed Up with MRAEF’s ProStart Program

We believe that every good chef deserves a good start, and that’s why we were proud to team up with the 2012 Massachusetts ProStart Student Invitational earlier this year. The invitational was a high school culinary and restaurant management competition to showcase the areas’ future chefs and restaurateurs. Ten area schools participated in the competition, and the panel of judges included some celebrated fixtures on the local culinary scene. Few things are more exciting than seeing young chefs and restaurateurs show what they’ve got—it really gives us hope for the future of the industry!

The future of the Massachusetts restaurant industry!

And that’s why we wanted to pitch in. We provided embroidered chef coats for all of the students involved in the event. We are proud to help support the future of the restaurant industry by giving them a little something personal. After all, you can’t feel truly professional as a chef until you have the proper embroidered chef’s coat!

We believe that the Massachusetts Restaurant Association Education Foundation provides young culinary minds with an excellent foundation. Since 2000, they have awarded 900,000 scholarships to over 300 high school and undergraduate students in the restaurant and food service industry. With people like that helping to develop quality restaurant professionals in Massachusetts, we have absolute faith in the future of the local restaurant scene.

We just hope these lucky students remember us and their embroidered chef’s coats when they make it big in the culinary world!

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