Uniforms at Work: The Sea Crest Beach Hotel & Resort Outfitted by Averill’s Sharper Uniforms

We recently spent some time at one of our customers’ businesses. The Sea Crest Beach Hotel & Resort located in North Falmouth, MA keeps its staff looking great with a variety of products from Averill’s Sharper Uniforms. In fact, we provide all of the embroidered and heat seal shirts, pants, shorts, belts, ball caps, visors, kitchen uniforms, aprons, white dress shirts, and banded collar shirts for their top-notch crew.

What does the Sea Crest Beach Hotel & Resort love the most about their Sharper Uniforms gear? Well, it’s not so much the gear as it is the service that comes along with it. We offer free hemming with our pants, and that saves the staff time (and $20 per pant!). Keeping the entire staff looking clean and crisp is easy… especially with the WEB belt that comes in two sizes. And what if the WEB belt is too long? They can easily be cut down to the right size.

When the uniforms work with your staff, your clients are sure to notice. Well-fitting garments with comfortable styling can really be the key to success. We love getting out and meeting the fine folks that wear our hotel and resort uniforms!

Here are some fun shots we snapped on our visit:

You can make uniforms work for your business, too! Shop with Averill’s Sharper Uniforms and see the difference.

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