Kitchen Staff Cool with Moisture Management Uniforms

Fall seems to cool everything down but the kitchen. A busy kitchen stays hot all year round. Luckily, has solutions to keep your kitchen staff comfortable no matter how hot it gets. We offer a variety of moisture management uniforms that are designed to wick away moisture, thus keeping your employees cooler and dryer.

Moisture wicking materials have been used in athletic garments for many years, helping athletes perform their best by allowing better regulation of their body temperature. Our moisture management uniforms are based on the same time tested principles. By blending cotton and polyester together, our garments can absorb moisture and trap it away from the skin. This means more efficient drying and more a comfortable working environment.

Poly-cotton blends have the added benefit of stain resistance, making them an ideal choice for kitchen uniforms. We carry a variety of moisture management uniforms such as long sleeve cotton knot chef coats and short sleeve tunic style chef coats. We even have economy moisture management uniforms for those of you who may need to outfit a large banquet staff.

Whatever you needs are, we are sure to have quality moisture management uniforms for your restaurant. can keep your staff cool at a great price. That’s good news for any kitchen.

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