Industrial Maintenance Uniforms for your Hotel Staff

When you think of hotel uniforms, you generally think of uniforms for the front desk, housekeeping, and other customer-facing jobs, right? But there are other parts of your hotel that you need to cover, too. In order to keep running properly, your hotel needs to have a highly-trained and professional maintenance and engineering staff. These guys spend their days making sure that the real mechanics of your hotel continue to operate smoothly. Just because they’re behind the scenes most of the time doesn’t mean that they can be forgotten when it comes to the right uniform. Who knows? Your maintenance staff may need to make a call to a hotel room. Then what?

That’s where our selection of industrial work, engineering, and maintenance hotel uniforms come into play. These unique hotel uniforms are able to keep up with the demands of a tough job. Collared maintenance shirts and industrial work pants pair up to create a comfortable and put-together look for your maintenance staff. Choose from the items with added features like moisture wicking, soil release, and wrinkle resistance to find the maintenance uniforms that are right for your staff.

Our maintenance uniforms are all industrial strength—but they look professional enough for guests to see!

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