Hi-Visibility Work Wear for Function and Safety

Different types of workers require different types of uniforms, and it’s our mission to outfit everyone in the appropriate apparel. Hi-visibility work wear helps to protect workers when it is absolutely critical to be seen in all types of lighting. These work wear uniforms are, in some cases, mandated by government regulation. Though some might think so, fluorescent color alone is not enough to make clothing safe in low-visibility conditions. That’s why it’s essential that the right hi-visibility uniforms be chosen to address the safety needs of the garment and that standards and regulations are met. Here at Sharper Uniforms, we now have a line of hi-visibility work wear uniforms for exactly those situations.

Hi-visibility at Sharper Uniforms
We have the following hi-visibility uniform options:

• Hi-visibility mesh vests
• Hi-visibility twill vests
• Hi-visibility t-shirts
• Hi-visibility sweatshirts
• Hi-visibility hats
• Hi-visibility jackets and outerwear
• Hi-visibility safety pants

The hi-visibility workwear here at Sharper Uniforms is sure to suit your needs. We offer both ANSI/ISEA 107-2010 Class 2 and 3 Certified clothing.

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